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Advertise or Die

A small business has a number of effective ways to advertise. Some are expensive (quarter page spread in the New York Times) and some are free (word of mouth).  Whatever approach that is used requires a cost. Even word-of-mouth may require business cards and phone book listings to get the potential client to your door. When the potential client calls they may request a brochure or, in today’s information age, a website to browse at a later time. 

So how do you spend hard earn dollars effectively?  That’s a tough question.  For Czuba Steel Works (CSW) the solution was in internet advertisement – specifically Google Adwords.  The Adwords approach allowed CSW to target their specific audience with the use of keywords. These keywords were a development process that was refined over a 3 month period.  The end result was an increase in potential clients that was unprecedented in CSW’s business history.

Searching for professional services through a search engine as opposed to traditional forms is a more active approach by the potential client. The potential client is actively looking for a solution where other forms of advertising they may use might resemble unexpected browsing (just happens to see your ad in a local paper) or settling with a limited number of potential choices.

Adwords is the middle ground for small businesses seeking exposure with a limited advertising budget. The added benefit of the paid-for exposure for CSW has been increased exposure as a whole with Google and other search engines. 

Google Adwords has been the difference of life or death for Czuba Steel Works and has shown the importance to us of effective advertisement.

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