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Stair Slides

I came across a couple spiral stair slides that the kid inside all of us would love to have in their home.

slide with spiral stair

slide with spiral stair

I found these at

And another cool slide from

slide next t staircase

Oh to be young again.

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advertise and grow redux

Alright, 2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Let’s start with a positive and take up the advertising article and call it advertise and grow.
Thanks to Eric L. for the first entry about advertising in our new blog. Eric is the brain behind creating a CSW web presence and an internet marketing strategy.
Because let’s face it without inquiries from customers you’ve got nothing., and if you are one of the thousands of small business guys not on main street, you had better learn how to advertise or at least find someone who can help.
I know a bunch of small business guys who are going to read this and say, ” I don’t have time or money to spend on any advertising” Well, truth is… you don’t have any time or money to waste NOT advertising MORE than you currently are. If you intend on staying in business that is. I have a friend who is an unbelievable confident self promoter, not self employed but career driven. He said, Mike, half joking ” let a thousand flowers bloom”. What the hell was he talking about!? I threw up every excuse in the book, no time , no money, unable to move outside the way I was operating for the first 10 years. Even tried working for someone else in the office for a while. Which was enough to scare me into figuring out the missing piece of the, “how do I grow this business?” The internet WAS a way to let a thousand flowers bloom. But be careful what you ask for because , there are going to be many unexpected challenges pushing you to improve everything from your front line office organizing to improving the level of craft in the shop, oh and don’t forget finding good people to help. I will try to write about some of the 2010 experiences this year as we go. because there is always enough time. Right!

MikeCzuba/ CSW

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